If you're the one that your friends and family members turn to for PC repair and virus/ spyware removal then you need to have EzPcFix in your toolkit and learn how to use it.

No matter how good you are, this utility WILL save you time.

EzPcFix.exe is a very easy to use (and free) program that I've been working on to help you to cleanup your windows installation. It currently runs on 2k, XP and 2003 (some functions may not work or will be limited with Win95, 98 & ME ).

Ez-Pc-Fix is very helpful when trying to remove viruses, spyware and other troublesome advertising programs and malware from your computer because it shows you what's being started on your system and where it's getting started from (and it let's you remove them).

Viruses, spyware and other types of advertising junk are becoming a very painfull side-effect to accessing the internet today and this problem isn't getting any better as far as I can see.

EzPcFiz isn't designed to keep your computer from getting infected with this junk. It's designed to clean it up "after the fact". Every "malware" program has to be started from somewhere within your system, but finding out exactly what's getting started (and from where) and how to remove it is the big problem. This is exactly what EzPcFix does...

Since it's made with Visual Basic 6, you'll need to have vb6 and vbscript runtime support. I've included msvbvm60.dll and scrrun.dll in the BartPE/UBCD4WIN plugin zip file just in case you don't have it already.

The size of the program is less than 1mb and has no additional dependencies other than the vb/vbscript runtime files so it can be run directly from a cd/floppy/usb drive.

Running the EXE writes nothing to the hard drive or the registry (unless you tell it too) so uninstalling is as simple as deleting EzPcFix.exe and plugin.inf.

EzPcFix is still being developed so let me know about any bugs that you might find or feature requests that you might have.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks to aj1978 from the UBCD4WIN forums for making this website for me